These creative, whimsical birdhouses will make you wish you were a bird. See all the photos here.

Doubefaced is an ongoing series of experimental portraits by Berlin-based artist Sebastian Bieniek where a second (or a third) face is painted with make-up on the side of the model’s face.


This website is as cute as a little button.

Wooooow. Mixed media artists Anila Quayyum Agha combines an embedded light source with large-scale patterned wood to create beautiful shadows that project on the gallery walls. 


I was recently contacted by someone at regarding my previous post showcasing the work of the talented artist Zaria Forman. Her work supports the climate change organization Please show your support by either clicking the donate button below or by going to What a great cause!

Glorious Pastel Drawings of Melting Icebergs by Zaria Forman



Google’s New Amsterdam Offices Are Extremely Dutch

Google’s offices, though always Google-y, tend to take inspiration from their location. The original campus in Mountain View is sprawling and sunny, like an alternate-universe Stanford. The New York offices, on the far West Side, are industrial and loft-like. (More examples: LondonPittsburghDublin.) And the new Amsterdam offices have stroopwafel ceiling panels.


Oh hello, gorgeous space.

Gamsei Cocktail Bar by Buero Wagner // Munich, Germany.



The Hop Factory

Pennant worked closely with the owners of the bar to develop an identity which reflected the unique and ever changing range of craft beers featured at The Hop Factory. Playing with the double meaning of the word ‘Hop’ we chose the Jackalope (an elusive mythical creature of North America) as the bar’s mascot, creating a symbol that embodied the qualities of craft beer in an unexpected way.

Branding by Pennant



Stranger & Stranger   |

"The Hanson Family, Californian through and through, have built a distillery in Sonoma wine country and are making vodka out of local grapes. They believe in checking quality and hand crafting so much that the labels are all signed and applied by the three Hanson sons. We wanted the brand to reflect the hand finished aspect of the product and stand out as a Californian icon."

Stranger & Stranger is a packaging design company specializing in the alcoholic drinks industry. We research, name and register brands worldwide. We design bespoke bottle shapes, labels, closures and all secondary packaging. We also create all marketing support material and environment dressing. Last but not least, we supervise production to the highest standards.

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Divan Turkish (Romania)


Beth Caverner Stichter

Everything about Beth Cavener Stichter’s work is exquisite, from the concepts to the energetic grace of her compositions. The deft gestural surfaces of her work demonstrate the fluid grace of her hands at work and echo the fluid grace of her animals. But of course there is a tension in that grace as well. It requires the muscular tension of a dancer in peak physical condition to make dramatic motion look effortless. But it’s not just physical tension that I’m talking about here. There is a psychological tension. Because her animals are not just animals. They are us. They remind us that we are animals and that more than 90% of what we do and how we act, our obsessions, our fears, desires and weaknesses, are not controlled by conscious thought, but are governed by millions of years of evolution. We are at the mercy of the animal within and no matter how much we may try to dress it up in the veneers of civilization we betray our origins every moment of every day with a tilt of the head, a gesture of the hand or a subtle shift of the eyes. And yet we seem to live in denial of all of this. Perhaps we must deny it. Perhaps the animal within requires us to constrain it with our rational cages (though it can and does escape whenever it really wants). The tension between out instinctive selves and our self-conscious selves and how it plays out in complex human behavior is the subject of her work. Though it can sometimes be grotesque or sorrowful, lonesome or bitter, it always moving, and it is always beautiful, because it is life.

You can see more of her work at her website:
Or at Claire Oliver in New York City

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Starlight by Cooper Joseph Studio

"The museum presented a problem that their entry lobby lacked a core experience reflective of their contemporary mission. This site-specific light sculpture was our solution, marking a new era and igniting the majestic circular stair at the heart of the museum’s historic interior. Now, visitors congregate on the seating underneath the sculpture, and are drawn up the stairs into the spaces above while watching the dynamic moiré pattern of lights unfold.

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Toilet Bowl Waterfall Art Installation in Foshan, China



Yardstick Coffee

Branding by ACRE